8-spot-andrew-bailey-head-of-operations-listenloopFor our next 8 Spot, we interview Andrew Bailey, who lives in New York City and is Head of Operations at ListenLoop. Andrew has a vast background in sales and operations management spanning over 10 years. He’s led a successful sales team that has exceeded monthly quotas and has a thorough understanding of how sales pipelines work.

In his current role at ListenLoop, he spends his time understanding the business’ marketing metrics to better convert leads into customers. Also, you’ll find him looking out for ways to make business process improvements and create overall operational efficiencies within the company.

This is a good segway to take a moment to describe what ListenLoop does. The company’s product is an ad retargeting platform that enables customers to nurture prospects through their buying funnel using segmentation and personalization. In other words, if businesses want to reach other business with online ads in a smarter and more automated way which is tailored then this is a solution you’ll need to try.

So let’s get into our interview and learn more about Andrew:

What made you decide on a career in tech?

In one way or another, I’ve been involved in the tech industry since my first job at the age of 18. There’s so many ways that technology enriches our lives, enhances our experiences and creates a better environment for all. I want to be apart of the group that use technology to empower themselves and others around the world.

What or who inspires you?

Great marketing inspires me. Example: Huit Denim makes hand made jeans out of England that invite you to be apart of the jeans story. They encourage you to learn about the people who make the jeans, and where all the materials come from. They want you to believe in their trade, not just buy their jeans. This truly connects with me. I’ve become highly self-aware when it comes to marketing and really deconstruct messages/content when it’s coming at me beyond its face value.

What is your go-to app?

Spotify, hands down. It’s running constantly on my MacBook or iP6. My work is affected by music, so I cue up a certain playlist depending on what I’m working on. If I tried working on a new project while listening to new music, the result will likely be subpar because music means so much to me. If i’m enjoying the music, I can’t help but analyze it from a musicians point of view given my past life as a guitar and bass player in a Hardcore band.

Finish the sentence: “If I’m not working, I’m…”

Playing tennis, walking around NYC, or visiting a new restaurant or bar. It’s unfortunate Nadal isn’t doing so hot this year. But at least Federer is having a good run – that’s exciting to see. Also glad to see the US Open gaining media coverage; tennis is undersaturated.

What was a challenge you faced in your career and how did you overcome it?

Every position I’ve taken in the last six years has been a huge challenge, because I’ve decided to be a bit of a free-bird and move to different cities around the country, including Los Angeles, Tampa, Boston, Seattle, and Portland. In fact, this is my second time in NYC! Getting an interviewer to understand my desire to travel, live, and grow as a person was a challenge. They saw it as inconsistency, even if it was all in the same industry doing same/similar roles. I saw it as investing in myself and my career.

What do you find interesting about what you do?

My team and I at ListenLoop are leading the way in a new form of advertising and marketing. The internet is a vast and ever-expanding land of distraction. With attention spans shortening by the minute, our tech allows companies to take anonymous visitors traffic, and convert unknown prospects into known leads, in addition to increasing sales velocity. If that visitor crosses a set threshold, we begin to target that prospect with detailed and relevant display ads. Current display ad technology allows a brand to re-target an individual with a generic message, while our tech allows that company to see what the person was interested in, and re-target them with that information to help them make their decision or at least begin a conversation.

What’s the best advice anyone has given you?

Measure twice, cut once. My father taught me this when I was very young while building my first treehouse. Obviously, the underlying message is to double check your work so the end result is perfect. I don’t always heed this advice, but I’m working on it!

What’s your life motto?

It’s simple. Be good to those around you.

And that’s it! Hope you enjoyed learning more about Andrew Bailey. You can follow him on Twitter here: @abaileynyc

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