Let’s be around in 20 years, it’s going to be a fun ride. Let’s build a lasting company that provides valuable services and products that people will be happy to pay for. Let’s build a company that is self sufficient. Let’s fuel our own growth with our own revenue. Let’s build an awesome company.

Let’s create great products and services.

Let’s listen to our customers and create solutions that will solve their problems. Let’s convert our knowledge and skills into something that brings a smile to people’s faces. Let’s tackle challenging and interesting problems. Let’s build software.

Let’s focus on steady progress

Let’s make ourselves, our services, and our products better every day. Let’s make decisions based on lasting and long term outcomes rather than maximizing short term gains. Let’s think of our relationships as marriages and not as transactions. Let’s set realistic goals and hit them consistently. Let’s march on.

Let’s prevent burnout.

Let’s make our company a great place to work that energizes us rather than drains us. Let’s plan properly so we aren’t in a position where we either have to do overtime or miss our deadlines. Let’s stay healthy mentally and physically. Let’s take naps. 🙂

Let’s be recession proof.

Let’s understand bad times and that bad things happen. Let’s prepare for them. Let’s never get too comfortable when times are good. Let’s have money in the bank, and assets on hand for those dark days. Let’s keep our spirits up even when all looks down. Let’s persevere.

So come. Let’s be around in 20 years, so that we can talk about all the great times we had.